Batavia Cemetery Tour

Batavia Cemetery TourHarvester Avenue

Batavia, NY 14020

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Test your bravery by touring the old Batavia Cemetery at night. Its listing stones, well-trodden paths, and impressive mausoleum make for a perfectly spooky night. The graveyard takes on a life of its own when lit by nearly a hundred luminaires. Visitors congregate, shivering in the cool damp air, as they await a guide to lead them
through this place of the dead. Tales of murder, deception, and sorrow are told. Long shadows cast by flickering torches will have listeners looking over their shoulders—but they needn’t
fear the past.

Audio tour:

Call 585-201-5079 x106 or listen below.

Days/times of operation:

October 2014


$10 per person

Handicap accessible?


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